Travel Made Easy

The whole purchase process of a travel request can be completed by 8 simple steps, taking 11 minutes to travelers receive their confirmations.
All steps and results are stored and registered making everything is 100% auditable.

Steps for Purchase
Minutes for e-Ticket
Auditable Processes


Due to integration with powerful technology and travel companies, it is possible to manage all trip aspects from a single place, receiving the right information at the right time. 

Trip Explorer

Trip Explorer is a built-in tool of Cardinal, which allows quick flight searches. All Searches can be made in public or agreements fares, even without authentication. The results can be grouped in the shopping cart or exported to e-mail and Excel.

TripCase Integration

TripCase® is an itinerary management app, that gives travelers a single place to manage and organize their trips. Cardinals is fully integrated with TripCase®, providing even offline content for users.

Navigation Assistant

Whole buying process has the Navigation Assistant, which explains all step and the information being presented. It can be used as a self-training for new users or understanding of new features.

Meet Your Ideal Travel Resources

  • Call Center, Self-Booking and Self-Ticketing

  • Online search, booking and ticketing

  • Online Reissues and Cancellation

  • Account Data Management (Managers and Budget)

  • Travel Policy Management

  • Authorization Workflow and Management

  • Authorization by Mobile Devices

  • Payment Management

  • Supplier Agreements Management (travel agency and clients)

  • Control and Management of No-Show Tickets

  • Multiple Credentials for Suppliers

  • Dashboard

  • All Services in a Single Request

  • Traveler Profile and Preferences

  • Automated Navigation Assistant

  • Automated Flight Sales Accounting

  • Automated Hotel Sales Accounting

  • Integration with leading BackOffices

  • Online Reports

  • Whole Process Information Recorded

  • TripCase Automatic Intergration

  • Quick Search Tool (Trip Explorer)

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